Let’s Colour Experiments, Case Study

The impact of paint & colors in the series of unusual outdoor experiments.

By transforming the environment we live in, we can transform the way we feel and behave. Through the Let’s Colour Experiments video series, we were determined to reveal a genuine influence an environmental transformation can have on human behavior. 

Typically, the walls that surround us, buildings, street signs, or pavements exist without us paying much attention to them. They evoke no reaction. By using paint & colors, we have attempted to transform that and disrupt what is supposed to be an ordinary day in life, an ordinary walk through the park, or a simple decision.

We were looking for more than reaction, we were looking for a feeling.

Ruined stairs

Once iconic stairs became a passing through destination, a grey area people avoid. We decided to change that. To make people pay more attention and stay there a bit longer, we have used a few coats of paint in different colors. So, after the transformation was done, they haven’t only stayed, they had the entire experience.


Imagine a modern man in a hurry. He has just finished his work, and seemingly tired strolls through the city to catch his bus home. Suddenly, he sees the stairs and the escalator right next to them. He should go up to reach the station. What has to be done to make this man choose stairs over an escalator? Stairs…over an escalator. Find out in the video below.

The experiment made it to the top 3 best tested Digital Campaigns in 2019 according to Kantar Creative Effectiveness Research. The Kantar Creative Effectiveness Awards acknowledge the best ads, as judged by consumers, rather than the advertising industry.

Elevator experiment

Elevators are frightening for some people, and with a reason. There is a certain level of discomfort coming out of the fact that you don’t have anything to talk about with a group of strangers that is unintentionally invading your personal space. Also, you have to fake a smile, and then avoid too much eye contact, to ensure you are not acting creepy. Therefore, we thought that maybe, just maybe, colors would have the power to transform this quite exhausting experience…

Athletic track

Let’s finish our Let’s Colour experiments marathon accordingly – on the Athletic Track. In this amusing outdoor adventure, we have learned that it doesn’t take much to wake up an inner child in the adult person. To do that we didn’t have to call Peter Pan. Instead, we have used a tiny bit of imagination and a couple of cans of paint.

World that is looking to feel

We live in a world that is constantly looking to feel. Whether it be your workplace, a grocery store, or your local park – you are always looking to experience various emotions. Therefore, by helping to create more vivid environments, we can inspire people to lead more active lives. Ultimately, there will be fewer people strolling around half awake, like zombies. Instead, we would see more people smiling, hugging, jumping, taking the stairs, we would transcend to the world that feels.