Cedevita, Case Study

“To reach a goal you have never before attained, you must do things you have never before done.” Richard G. Scott

Our main goal for the Cedevita campaign was to make it different.

Cedevita is a drink with 9 vitamins and a highly refreshing taste. It has a long tradition as a drink that is both healthy and tasty – which is why younger audiences are so into it. To make the campaign distinctive, we had to change the approach towards our targeted audience.  So, we have decided that the best way to present something differently – is to make it funny…and a bit abstract. And that is how our crazy bear friends were made (you will get to know them in the following lines). These extravagant and adorable creatures became the protagonists of the entire campaign.

Risky ride through the mountains

Long story short – we gave Cedevita to bears. After a risky ride through the mountains, a couple of bottles fell into the river, and from that point, everything was changed. The group of bears found these bottles which looked good and smelled so delicious they had to take a sip. Not long after, the bears were partying, trying out new hobbies, and uncovering some crazy things about themselves. Here’s how Cedevita impacted the lives of the bears:

Bare necessities, the simple “bear” necessities, forget about your worries and your stress… They could’ve sung this song, but they were too busy exploring their talents. Not long after, the Cedevita effect stopped. They ran out of supplies. And, that’s when the campaign took a completely different turn.

Taking over the city – the unexpected turn of events

The bears couldn’t get enough of Cedevita, so when they have spent their last bottle, they decided to take over the city. The moment they arrived, they became the sensation – you could see bears everywhere.

They became addicted to the feeling Cedevita offers, so they were not ashamed to steal to get more of this drink. Although, some of them came up with more business-wise ideas.

This is what happens when bears crave for more vitamins. Nothing’s off the limits. However, they managed to look adorable even if they were stealing – and that’s a real talent.

We know you have always wanted to shop like this – take what you need and leave. Well, our bear friends also hate waiting in line. Would you follow their example?

Oh, there they are…unleashing their true potential. Who says that all bears are the same? Some of them have higher moral standards, which is why they are earning their Cedevita bottles by playing violin in the street. Don’t be so harsh on them. At least they are trying.

Social Media Bear – expert for communication

How creative a bear can be? Well, it turned out, they really have a gift for communication. They were running Cedevita’s social media accounts for a month and the whole concept of communication was changed. They were writing quirky captions, cracking jokes, and engaging with their targeted audience.

Imagination leads to beautiful destinations

After the campaign was over, the sales of Cedevita jumped significantly, and the reactions came from both social and traditional media. The bears returned to the forest and moved on with their typical life routine. However, they’ve never forgotten this once in a lifetime adventure. Although, they were not the only ones who enjoyed the ride. Sometimes you have to take a risky road to reach the goal…