Changing the perspective can make all the difference.

Cedevita is an instant drink with 9 vitamins, that have a positive effect on teens.

Sounds fun? Of course not.

So, how to advertise something that sounds like your grandma’s morning routine to the younger audience?

No teens in this video.

Teens are hard ones to satisfy. They question everything, don’t like to be patronized, and don’t buy the usual approach. You can’t just put a teen in a commercial and expect him to pick up the message. You have to spice it up.

We were put before a challenge – to show the impact vitamins have on teens without showing teens. So, in order to do that we have decided to use metaphors. We have decided to take another path, over the mountains and into the woods. And we used – bears.

Why bears? Why not. We have showcased the impact of the vitamins and made it fun. If teens won’t listen to their mothers, they might believe a sleuth of bears.

The real bear necessities.

The bears have discovered Cedevita and gone crazy, running on the fresh dose of vitamins. Their whole forest community changed, they had more strength and more concentration. Learning became fun, new artistic potentials were being uncovered, and they even built an improvised gym. The energy was through the roof!

As each of the vitamins has different benefits, we produced TVCs for every one of them. For the first part of the campaign, we decided to show the effects of Cedevita through traditional media (TVCs & OOH).  And without saying to the angry teenager “this is good for you”, we let them draw conclusions by themselves.

What would a bear do?

To amplify the campaign, we moved on to digital channels, and we decided to take Cedevita away from them.

When they ran out of supplies, the bears came to the city looking for it. We have produced short video clips that resemble user-generated videos, as if people spotted bears in town, recorded them, and uploaded their content. We have even added CCTV footage of bears stealing from the Cedevita warehouse.

The result was a series of spontaneous videos showing what would a bear do to get his hands on the new dose of energy. Washing windshields during the day and stealing at night, seems there’s nothing these creatures wouldn’t do…