Let's Colour

Social Experiments

People were part of our experiment without even knowing it.

Psychological studies show that colors have an impact on people’s behavior and mood. To put this to a test, we decided to conduct a series of experiments.

In partnership with Let’s Colour, we have made five real-life stunts in public places to show the impact of color on people in everyday situations.

Welcome to our Social Experiments.

Double Stairs Experiment

Does the paint really make you choose sides? Apparently, it does.

To prove that, we found a double staircase used every day by a large number of people. They used both sides of the stairs almost equally.
Until one morning, when they came to find a bit different situation.

Escalator Experiment

As we could have guessed, most people are lazy.

We observed how many people are using the escalator compared to stairs. Then, we painted the stairs next to an escalator to see if that will make them use the stairs more. As it turned out, a coat of paint can do wonders. It can even make people choose stairs over the escalator. True story.

Ruined Stairs Experiment

What happens when we revive a place that lost its former glory?

We found a ruined staircase that no one noticed and gave it a makeover with a fresh coat of paint. Aside from changing the look of the neighborhood, it drew people to spend time there and capture their experience. Take a look and see their reactions.

Elevator Experiment

If you take two identical things and paint them differently, can it change the way people perceive it?

To test this, we chose two identical elevators and placed an identical surprise inside. And it wasn’t a pleasant one.

Same elevators, same situation, and the only difference was – only one was colorful. Seems like two identical things can be perceived both as a horror story and just an innocent scene…

Athletic Track Experiment

Run, Forest, run!

If you are anything like us, running is your least favorite activity. But can paint change that?

We wanted to see if paint can influence a more active life, so we made an ordinary path into an athletic track. A few coats of paint, and – voilà! People of all ages and shapes were eager to be an athlete for a day.

Perhaps something that can be used worldwide?