Let's Colour

5 Senses Series

Can paint impact human senses?

There is a popular opinion that paint is something ordinary. Unimportant. A chore. A necessity. Something you avoid as much as you can.

We beg to differ. We think that paint influences us in greater, but less obvious ways. We believe that paint and color can shape our perception and affect all of our senses.

And to prove that, we made an experiment.


To test the influence of paint on human senses, we have decided to conduct an experiment in collaboration with Let’s Colour, an initiative that transforms people’s lives through paint.

First, we have built a one-of-a-kind pentagram installation, with 5 different walls, in 5 colors. Next, we have invited 5 performers in order to test 5 human senses: musicians for hearing, a chef for taste, a sculptor for touch, a painter for vision, and perfume makers for smell.

The result – 5 surprising videos

The artists were invited to do what they do best. Create. All while the walls around them rotated and changed color.

Limited time and constant change of surroundings influenced their inspiration, thinking, and feelings. And we observed.

Each color shaped their emotions in unpredictable ways, resulting in 5 videos showing how paint influences each human sense.


How colors influence our hearing? To find out, we have analyzed the impact of colors on the ones who create the music.

Three musicians performed inspired by the different colors of the walls. The colors affected their mood and triggered rushes of creativity. As the walls were changing, the music followed. See which color provokes energetic rhythm and which one is more mellow.


How colors affect our taste? To put this to a test, we have invited a chef to create recipes influenced by different colors.

As the walls rotated, the chef recalled past events and places, which resulted in five color-inspired recipes. To see how colors affect food cravings, check out the video below.


To analyze the impact of colors on our sense of touch, we have invited an artist who creates by touching – a sculptor.

Colors trigger familiar feelings, at least according to our guest. She took us on a journey, from stargazing to a day on the beach, creating five works of art inspired by her surroundings. See which color makes you feel tender love and which makes you calm.


Painters usually create in blank spaces to avoid distractions, so we wanted to see what happens if we disrupt their usual surroundings. Turns out that colors shape their energy and creativity in unexpected ways. Good or bad? Different.


Smells are proven to be emotional triggers, but can colors do the same? To put this to a test, we have invited two perfume makers to see how colors affect their creations. The result was the rollercoaster of forgotten emotions.

Transformation beyond the walls

To show the real transformative power paint can have, we decided to collect all the artwork created during the experiment and send it to an auction in Amsterdam. The funds raised were used to support SOS Children’s Villages, an organization focused on supporting children in need and families at risk.