10 Years of Let’s Colour

Changing people’s lives through paint.

Since 2009, Let’s Colour has been changing people’s lives. This initiative by Dulux paints colored more than 81 million lives around the world.

To help them celebrate their 10th year anniversary, we have been invited to create a video that would show the impact of their initiative over the years. In one minute.

A decade in one minute? Challenge accepted.

10 Years in one minute.

We started by collecting archive footage from all over the world. Then the real challenge occurred. How to create an engaging and concise video out of 10 years and thousands of hours of footage, from several continents and over 2,000 projects?

Piece of cake.

Out of lots of material, we have carefully selected the right examples of worldwide reach, visual outcome, reactions, and transformation. And created a story. The story that is clear and uplifting. The story that shows impact.

To pack this story in one minute, we have decided to use one of the most dynamic formats of storytelling out there – news flash.
And the result? The most colorful global reportage!