Crazy enough to change the world, Case Study

We can be a part of the change we want to see in the world.

To make the world a better place we don’t have to do much. However, we should do whatever we can, whenever possible. Every bit count, and in the long run only mutual effort will help to create a significantly better world, a world we would be proud of living in. We know we can’t erase bad things that are happening, but we can work towards good ones. 

Getting crazy or how it all started

Revolted by today’s world, two advertising guys decided to leave their jobs for 6 months to make the world a better place. During these 6 months, they have tackled some of the world’s biggest issues by creating a series of video experiments and tests. They have used their advertising experience, creativity, and voice to stand up for things they believe in.

Over time, their beliefs grew into a platform for change, the Crazy enough to change the world initiative. The videos they have created represent a foundation of the world’s first Open Source Creative Library and are completely free to use. The purpose of this library is to help those who are just as crazy to find material that is free of charge and use it to support a public cause they believe in.

Become a part of the solution

The world’s first Open Source Creative library is public and the usage of all the work is completely free. All socially responsible companies and individuals who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are welcome to use it. It contains a series of experiments that are produced and crafted into films and other ready-to-be-aired material. You can use the produced material by downloading and customizing it to support a specific cause. Or you can publish and share some of the existing videos on your social media channels.

Explore the library and select the work that will support your cause in the best possible way. When you download it feel free to edit it. You can embed graphic trademarks, change the music, add subtitles, or text. Also, you don’t need written permission to do that. There are only two conditions – use it to support a public cause which makes the world a better place and tag the work with the #CrazyEnoughToChangeTheWorld.

As those who are Crazy Enough To Change The World are usually the ones that do.