5 Senses Experiment, Case Study

Rethinking the way paint impacts our moods & emotions through colors.

People think about the paint as something ordinary, something they must use once every couple of years. However, is it possible that people are experiencing its influence more profoundly without even noticing?

To analyze the impact colors can have on our creative process, we have collaborated with the Let’s Colour, a global initiative that uplifts communities worldwide through the power of paint.

Together, we have built an intense and dynamic environment to demystify the colors’ impact.

Going beneath the layers

To test the influence of colors on our lives, we have invited 5 different performers as each of them uses predominantly one of the 5 human senses when creating. The crew that made the entire experience stimulating and amusing consisted of – three musicians, a painter, sculptor, chef, and two perfume makers.

Building a dynamic environment

For 5 Senses Experiment, we have built a fully equipped room in the shape of a pentagram, with rotating walls, painted in 5 different colors. For each performer, we have prepared a different setting with all the necessary tools. The performers did not have to move elsewhere; their only task was to create.

Throughout the experiment, we were switching the walls to create an intense atmosphere. We would rotate the walls and change the color of the room out of nowhere. Sometimes that would be right after the beginning, other times, we would interrupt them in the middle of their work. And their struggle was real.

Raising the expectations

Before the experiment, the performers seemed quite skeptical. They had felt that colors could not dramatically influence their creative process and its outcome. Their overall approach was quite reserved and doubtful, which made the expectations even higher.


This video stars a band of three initially skeptical musicians, performing while inspired by the colors of the walls. While exploring the way colors influence their music, you might change the way you used to party. Find out which color will burn the room to the ground.


In this episode, you will see how the creative process of our Spanish sculptor and each of her five sculptures are inspired directly by the colors of the walls around her. As the colors of the room changed, so did her mood. You will get the opportunity to dive into the world of tender love and free-running horses.


In this video, you will uncover some personal and fun stories about our charismatic chef. Influenced by 5 different colors, he prepares 5 different meals and shares his 5 personal stories. Explore which color triggers a memory of a crazy hangover meal, and which one makes him remember his mom’s house.


To test the influence of paint and colors on our sense of smell, we follow two perfume makers as they develop scents inspired by five different colors. As the walls were rotated around them, they have crafted 5 different scents, each inspired by a different color. Below, you can find out which color carries a Scandinavian vibe, and which one smells like summer.


The American painter explores how colors and paint affect her creative process. As the room changed colors – her mood changed, which resulted in 5 extraordinary pieces of art. Explore her creative journey and find out how traveling from one state of mind to another looks like.

Beyond 5 senses

Just as paint goes beyond the walls, our experiment went beyond 5 Senses. We believe that the world we live in, the world of 5 senses, should evolve into a better place for everyone. That is why we have decided to support those in need by collecting all the pieces of art created during the experiment and sending them to the auction in Amsterdam. The funds raised there were used to support SOS Children’s Villages, an organization that is involved in improving the lives of children in need by offering them shelter, care, and education.